Mutually encouraged by each other’s faith

It seems that before technology came around to make our life easier, things were simpler.  People had more time.  Thousands of years ago, men would gather in the temple square and discuss religion, philosophy, politics, etc.  Now, when I go to Starbucks for a coffee between meetings (or perhaps to actually meet someone), I will often see a group of retired men, sitting by the fire, chatting.  They’re no longer in a rush or on a timeline.  They are finding time to spend together and talk about tough topics.  This is the time when they are truly able to mutually encourage each other.

Paul starts Romans with this exact point, almost the point of all his letters.  While he is “posting” his thoughts to help others, he also receives encouragement knowing that Christ is using him to help them.  He doesn’t “post” for the purposes of sounding smart.  On the contrary, he will often mention his own shortcomings.  But he does point out how much he loves the people he’s writing too, how he prays for them without ceasing.

While technology has provided us with creature comforts, it has also somehow managed to take time from us.  However, with blogging, facebook and other social media forms, we can somewhat reclaim that ability to discuss tough topics in a group, with responses and then responses to those responses.  The idea of posting or publishing a comment for all to view is easy now.  Then others respond and the dialog begins.

So if you ever happen across an active debate on facebook, take time to read those comments.  See what all the fuss is about.  You may just find that instead of a heated debate with hurt feelings and emotions, perhaps the posts are intended to drive conversation in a group that allows us to be mutually encouraged by each other’s faith.

God Bless you all…



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