The purpose behind the challenge

Since the Bible was written over a few thousand years and by several different authors, then translated into numerous languages and version… then on top of that, hundreds if not thousands of ‘scholars’ have penned their notes and interpretations; with all of that, there’s no doubt you can find small discrepancies if you look.  Couple that with the fact that there are just some facts that are never fully detailed and left to interpretation, it’s no wonder people try to use these things in an attempt to “disprove” the Bible.

However, if you really are going to challenge something, give careful thoughts to your motives.  When you seek to ‘debate’ or discuss these areas of argument, are you truly seeking the truth or simply seeking to make a name for yourself for being the one that disproved that point.  Afterall, there are plenty of “grey” areas that end up being the basis of so many denominations of the Christian faith.

  • Why type of music or instruments should be allowed in church?
  • How should we dress?
  • How do you behave during the music portion of the worship?
  • Do you dance?
  • Are you allowed to drink alcohol at all?
  • What foods are permitted to be eaten?
  • What roles to women serve in the church?
  • What does “spiritual gifts” mean?
  • Is the “sign of tongues” the only sign of the Holy Spirit?
  • Are you Pre or Post trib?
  • How old is the earth?
  • How should communion be taken and how often?

Everyone one of these topics (and thousands more like them) can be defended with scripture, even with multiple conclusions.  So when you argue or debate these topics, are you truly seeking to find God’s truth in the topics or simply hoping to prove your pre-concluded point.  More over, some of these questions will simply not be answered definitively until we see Jesus ourselves.

Discussion and debate on these topics is healthy, if for the purpose of seeking truth.  But there comes a point when some of these differing view points must be accepted as a personal belief and not absolute fact.  However, there are some absolute facts that are 100% indisputable about the Christian faith.  It is these facts (not an exhaustive list) that we must all agree upon.

  • God is 3 in 1, three wholly separate parts of one being.
  • Jesus is the Son of God, wholly God yet wholly man.
  • Jesus led a sinless life and taught us many examples of how to improve our faith and our lives.
  • Jesus was brutally killed.  He died on the cross as the final sacrifice to cleanse our sins.
  • Accepting these facts and asking Jesus into your heart to be your Lord and Savior is the ONLY way to accept this FREE GIFT.
  • Making that decision of your own free will and His calling (not out of peer pressure) is a one time act that seals your name into the Book of Life forever.
  • The “acts” we do as a Christian can serve to improve our life here on earth as well as other’s lives, potentially even leading some to Christ… but our “acts” DO NOT get us into Heaven.
  • This free GIFT from Christ is for ANYONE who will accept it, at any time in their life, despite any and all sins they have committed.

While it’s healthy to challenge and debate any of these topics (from both lists), be sure to consider the purpose behind your challenge.  If you are truly seeking truth, you will find it.



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