Is there really such thing as atheism?

There are a lot of things I don’t believe in.  The Easter Bunny, Leprechauns, Vampires, Werewolves, championships in Denver (I had to go there) and Rodents of Unusual Size for example.  If I took enough time, I’d have a very long list I’m sure.  It’s true, I just don’t believe these exist.  I’m fine to watch a movie that has them in it because it’s good entertainment.  I won’t protest the movie because it portrays something I don’t believe is real.

This is why I don’t believe atheists actually exist.  According to, an atheist is one “who denies the existence of a deity or of divine beings.”  Why would someone who denies the existence of God even care if others believe in this fairy tale.  Why would they care if this mythical character is invoked in a movie or TV show.  The truth is, they wouldn’t.  Just like I don’t mind if people out there really think that vampires exist.  I don’t mind watching a movie or show that has vampire in it.  I deny they exist.  Nobody could have a convincing argument to persuade me that they exist.  They are a mythical creature.  People who call them selves atheists should hold the same position towards God.  They see this as a myth that some silly people believe in.

So, why is it that some otherwise intelligent people would hold an atheist viewpoint but at the same time actively protest others who believe this “myth”.

It’s simple, 1 Corinthians 1:19 states “I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and the discernment of the discerning I will thwart.

This explains why someone who can articulately argue detailed and intricate topics completely lack wisdom when attempting to argue the point of why they are an atheist.  These same people would actually laugh at me if I attempted to “argue” why I don’t believe in vampires.  If I don’t believe, I don’t need to argue.  If I don’t believe, I would not protest those who do believe.

So next time you run into an atheist, ask them if they believe in vampires.  I would venture to guess most of them will of course say no.  Then ask why they don’t protest movies with vampires, or Halloween since people dress up as vampires.  That should lead to an interesting discussion.


9 thoughts on “Is there really such thing as atheism?

  1. Wait… Is this a joke!? Why don’t we have an issue with those who believe in vampires?

    Because mass belief in vampires doesn’t kill people. It doesn’t cause people to mutilate their daughters genitals. It doesn’t cause wars, genocide, hatred and bigotry. It doesn’t stop intellectual growth, it doesn’t limit intelligence and it doesn’t stunt the wonder of innocent children. Should I go on?

    Until people stop abusing others in the name of religion Atheists will fight for freedom from religious harm. And we will win. I promise you that.

    1. Brandi,

      While my post was a bit of satire, it was not a joke. Your response shows me how little you really know about Christianity. I will not argue that there are plenty of “religions” out there that do some of the things you mentioned. But there are atheist out there that do horrible things too, but I wouldn’t lump them all together. Christians are people and there are good and bad ones everywhere. Christianity in it’s purest form is very simple, just two rules to live by and the knowledge that even when I screw these up and make mistakes, my Lord and Savior has grace and forgiveness. Those two rules are this…
      Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, body and soul… and love your neighbor as yourself.
      Someone even attempting to live by this would not do all the things you mention.

      I completely agree that religion has been abuse and distorted by many seeking power, but none of that is any reason to doubt that God exists. There is evil in the world and that evil is perpetrated by people of all faiths and no faith. It has nothing to do with the existence of God or lack there of.

      The real closed mindedness shows itself when people get offended by something they don’t believe in. Easter is a holiday that has both spiritual and secular meaning. I am not offended when people want to find eggs supposedly hidden by a magical bunny. But plenty of atheists are offended when I want to recognize the resurrection of Christ. Neither belief harms the other, but yet millions of people are still offended that Christians want to celebrate a glorious day for what it means to us. That is seriously closed minded.

      I have had long discussions with plenty of atheists and they typically fall into two camps.
      1. Just no real exposure to a real Christian community. Have only been exposed to the worst of the worst. These people are usually quite open to conversation and willing to discuss and debate the topic. I love these conversations.
      2. Had a “bad experience” of some kind with religion and now have a personal vendetta against anything religious. These people are usually quite closed minded and will never welcome an honest conversation on the topic.

      I pray you are in the 1st camp and at some point (hopefully soon) open up to someone willing to teach you about what true Christianity.

      1. I’ve actually never been exposed to a bad experience and I come from a Christian background. I used to be one. Then I grew up and got to see the harm. You might want to research studies done by BOTH groups about morality in Christians and Atheists. The prison population for example holds. 07% Atheists while the majority are Christians. There have been many tests and studies done on multiple categories that almost always conclude that Atheists, on average are harmless. When is the last time you heard of a group of Atheists killing, torturing or hurting others? I’ve never heard of one. I hear about groups of ALL religions harming people all the time. Not every Christian is bad, that’s very obvious and I would never say that. I have fully researched religion both in college and on my own for years. Do you really want chosen to think that the earth is less than 6k years old? How would theynnot come to that conclusion if the bible has been shoved in their face since birth. My problem with religion is that it doesn’t belong in public schools and children should never be taught it either. We need pioneers in the science field to advance our species, not run around claiming “God dun it” when they have been conditioned to think that is the answer for things we don’t know.. That is the harm. Breeding ignorance is harmful to our planet.

  2. Brandi, there are really two different response to your post. As for the scientific part I’ll simply say that more and more scientist these days are becoming “deists” (not necessarily Christian) and believing in an “intelligent design”. Your choice of quotes like “God dun it” shows your prejudice on the topic. Please read “Evidence that demands a verdict” written by an atheist who set out to “prove” the Bible was false… interesting read.
    As for the 2nd part of the response, I wouldn’t dream of getting into the “statistics” debate as we can both show certain numbers that “prove” our side. I did not take a scientific pole or analyze statistics to determine if I would believe in Christ. I learned about Christ but never had a personal relationship with him until I was 24. Even knowing the evidence of the existence of Christ, I simply was informed. But when I developed a personal relationship with Christ, my life was changed.
    I’m sorry if you took my satire as some sort of personal attack, that was not my point.
    I do have non-Christian friends, some are of other religions and some of no religion at all. Those are actually agnostic. I don’t begrudge their choice. I believe in my choice and know that at some point, one of us will be proven right. If you’re right and there’s no God, I’ll simply be dead. I would have spent my life believing in something that didn’t exist. But because of my faith, I’m less selfish, help others more, care for others and love others. If I was wrong, that’s still not bad. But if you’re wrong, it will simply be too late to change your mind. I know a blog is not going to change your mind, but I do pray that at some point, you are more open to the thought than you obviously are now.

    1. More scientists are not becoming Christian. That is simply untrue. And the age of the earth is accepted by most Christians also. The real age of the earth, not 6 thousand years. Religion is slowly fading. Religion doesn’t make you more moral and caring. I’ve become more caring, accepting and altruistic since becoming an atheist. I’ve accepted that when we die, we die. That makes my life so much more meaningful. People tend to think they become better when they find religion. That is simply not true. That way of thinking makes people think they have the moral high ground. It’s a delusion. Statistics shouldn’t necessarily decide someone’s beliefs, but they should show the big picture. And until you see groups of Atheists hurting people then no one should have issues with us as a whole. People of faith do good because they think they’re earning a golden ticket. Atheists do good because we truly feel compelled to without a reward, big difference there. I’m not trying to argue, just pointing out some things that the faithful are blind to. Religions have no moral high ground over Atheists especially when they’re doing things for a reward.

      1. You post many arguments into one post and that cannot generate a good dialog to follow. I want to remain on point and not go off on tangents. I will however address your final argument and perhaps there we may even find a place to agree.
        You state that “religions…[are] doing things for a reward”. This statement is actually accurate for almost every religion out there.

        You are right…. for the most part. Almost every religion on the planet has a list of things you must “do to earn” your place in the after life. People strive their entire life attempting to earn this ultimate reward.

        However with Christianity, this is quite different. You see, the price that is required to earn salvation and eternity in Heaven is a price we can never pay. But Jesus paid it for us. He took our sins, died on the cross and was resurrected (believe it or not). That free gift of grace is just that, a gift. There is NOTHING we can do to earn that salvation (so no one can boast). Instead, us Christians do “good works” not out of an attempt to earn a reward, but as a way of showing our love.

        Now, I’ll be the first to admit that we are not perfect, we are human. We Christians will continue to make mistakes, hurt people, do bad things… just like every other group out there. Some are better than others but NONE are good enough to earn the reward. That reward of eternity with God is a FREE GIFT. I pray that one day you take the time to open that gift. It’s there for you as well. Nobody will “force” you to open it. We will not thing ill of you if you if you don’t. But we will celebrate with you, if and when you do.

        God Bless you and your family.

  3. I will leave this approved as long as real, true and good arguments are presented. If that doesn’t happen, or other negative comments show up then I delete.

    Your entire argument is one of emotion. You speak in platitude and no facts. I am not held to account because of Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve fell to the temptation of sin (as do all of us) and as a result, they were separated from God. I am not held to account for others that did horrible things in the name of God anymore than today’s German citizens are held to account for the actions of the Nazi’s of the past. As for the age of the earth, you will find debate on that in both religious and scientific circles. Science cannot agree anymore than religion. If the “great flood” did occur, the result of that much water in only 40 days would create an enormous amount of pressure on objects and that pressure would of course skew the results of “carbon dating”. Ever wonder why a single fossil found can register an enormous age range depending on what sample of the bone is dated? If a ‘big bang’ occurred, where did the first particle of light come from? Science can’t answer these questions, that is why it’s the “theory” of evolution. If it could be proven like gravity, it would be a “law”.

    Now, I will not take this post off on tangent. The argument that started it was all about atheists getting upset about something they don’t believe in. I still hold to that point. I won’t go off on tangents of past crimes by others (Christian or atheists). If you care to continue on the original point, I’m happy to discuss. If you go off on a tangent, I will simply delete the post.

  4. Alright, I have several problems with your article.

    1. You make a blatant assumption that because atheists don’t believe in a god they care that others believe in god. This is not always the case. I personally don’t care whatsoever if someone chooses to believe in whatever. If religion helps them in this life (whether it’s true or not), isn’t that really all that matters? Sure, there’s plenty of others who are very unaccepting of religion. Is it honestly any different than the millions of religious people who are unaccepting of myself and other atheists/agnostics?

    2. You ask ‘why is it that some otherwise intelligent people would hold an atheist viewpoint but at the same time actively protest others who believe this “myth”’. This is very circumstantial. For example, let’s take the pledge of allegiance and prayer in school. Atheist parents are probably not going to want their kids to be involved in prayer at school and may not want them to refer to God in the pledge of allegiance. Why? Because children typically don’t have the mental capacity to stand up and think for themselves. If someone tells them it’s true…. they believe it’s true. Many atheist parents are not going to want their children exposed to this and they rightly may protest such things.

    3. The last 3 paragraphs are ridiculously hard to follow. I can’t even see the point that you’re attempting to make.

    1. Just found this buried. I’m guessing you missed the slight satire in my comments. I have met plenty of good people who don’t believe in God. I don’t actually believe that every person who calls themselves an atheist would fit this category. This was a satirical response to people who are so actively arguing against those of us who do believe. Most people did get the humor and sarcasm.

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