What I learned from Moms

There are two Moms in my life… the mom who raised me and the mom to my 4 kids, my bride, the love of my life.

From my mom, I got see the love and sacrifice from a child’s perspective.  I had no idea how hard she worked, had no concept of any sacrifice but I felt love.  She put off school and work to raise us, eventually completing her college degree after 12 years, and returned to work once we were all old enough to be home alone in the afternoon.  She cared from us, played with us, loved us.  I had a great childhood and owe a huge portion of that to my Mom.

From my wife, I’ve been able to see and witness the other side of motherhood.  Now I see the love she pours out on the kids but also see the amount of personal sacrifice.  She has worked hard, schooling and raising 4 kids (all so different).  Her personal goals always coming last, always sacrificing and serving always loving.

So what have I learned from these two wonderful women?

Moms love like Jesus loves – others first.
Moms serve as He did – others first.

What an example they have both set for their kids…

Happy Mother’s Day to the two best Mothers I know…


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