Light reveals truth

Have you ever gone shopping for a home or car in less than ideal light?  You know why that light is vital… without it, you may be blind to certain flaws or imperfections.  Just like us, no car or hone is perfect. But making an important buying decision without having proper light would never be advised.  Light is vital.  Light also amplifies beauty.  Ever notice how much light is in a high end jewelry store?  They know that the right light will make the jewelry pop.  Many decorators also know that light can be the most important aspect of a room makeover.   It’s really a simple fact to understand. Light reveals truth.

 This fact was not by accident or was God surprised by it.   The first words God spoke in the Bible was “Let there be Light.”   He wanted His Light to be first, so that everything that followed, the truth would be revealed.  Beyond the simple spoken words that start the Bible, He continued to bring Light into the world.
 In the beginning. He Himself was the Light to Adam and Eve.   He provided the truth to then and even revealed the consequences when the violated the rules. As a result of them eating from the one tree He told them not to eat… they were removed from Him and the garden He had created for them.  His light revealed the consequence for violating  His trust.
 Much time later, He provided a different kind of light. Through His servant Moses, He provided the Law.  You may not think of it as light but it was.  The purpose for the light was not to force restrictions upon His beloved people.  The purpose was to eliminate their flaws, to helpthem to realize how inadequate they are without Him.  The law was present to point back to Him.  Over time, His people blotted out some it that light by  adding more and more laws to the original 10.   They actually added over 600 new laws to “clarify” the original 10. God gave them 10, and they added 6 times as many. They were basically making the current ruling class of Hebrews, the priests, 6 times more important than Good Himself.
 As time went on and man’s third covered more and more of the light… He eventually sent His final Light into the world, His one and only Son.  This final Light had a few purposes. First was to be a light shining on the failings of the extra laws that had now been written.  He even won’t as far as to aluminate the real purpose behind the laws by simmering it down to only 2, Love God and Love others.   His Second purpose was to be a light of example, to show us the way. He spent 3 years teaching and living out how we  are to live.  His final purpose was to be a light of hope. Since He had shown us by now, how impassible it is for us to fully restore ourselves to God, He accepted the “cup” that the Father gave to Him, by dieing on the cross and paying for our sins.  His final act lit the pathway back to God. Accept the fact that Jesus Christ, your Lord and Savior, has already paid the full price of all of your sins, past, present and future.  Accept and acknowledge that and your path back to your Father in Heaven is illuminated forever.

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