Trusting in pain

The book of Job is very interesting.  We see a man that has an amazingly strong faith.  Satan is telling God that people only follow Him when He blesses them.  God wants to prove this is not the case so He allows Satan to take away the blessings as long as he didn’t harm Job directly.  He even eventually allowed Satan to stricken Job with sickness but not kill him.  The point is that throughout all of this, even when Job had lost everything, he still had his faith.

Over the last couple of years, I have witnessed a friend going through a Job like experience.  Ron had a great job, wife and three kids, nice home in a nice neighborhood.  He often lead worship and even preached sometimes.  His style of teaching was amazing and many loved his sermons.

About 5 years ago, he began having very bizarre symptoms with no explanation.  He was in sever pain, would even pass out and have seizures.  The first set of doctors even thought it was psychological.  His wife thought he was faking it for attention and things completely fell apart with them (eventually leading to divorce).  He eventually was diagnosed with Dercum’s Disease which is one of the most painful diseases known.  He became so weak and unable to care for himself.  He moved in with his mom (in Southern California) to have help.  The warmer climate did help a little too.  But through this, he lost his job, his wife, even his kids because of the move.  That also meant even his friends were far away.  He was experiencing much of what Job went through.  You can read more about him at  When he has moments of clear thought and strength, he still blogs when he can, but this is even becoming difficult.

What is amazing about Ron and Job is what you can read in Job 19:25 (and also see throughout Ron’s writings as well).  “For I know that my Redeemer lives”.  Imagine that.  For the previous 24 verses, Job is actually stating that God has done these things to him.  He doesn’t know why, he doesn’t know what the end holds, but he still finishes with calling God his “Redeemer”.  That is faith.  I watched Ron go through this horrific pain and still praise God along the way.  Even when he questioned WHY God was letting these things happen, even when he “wrestled with God” many nights, Ron never stopped believing that God was his “Redeemer”.

Job of the Old Testament and Ron of this current world both point out that we can and should love God in ALL circumstances.  It’s OK to question Him.  It’s OK wonder why.  But remember that His plan is the Ultimate plan.

We know in reading more of Job that God did eventually restore Job to even a better place than he was before.  This doesn’t mean that the restoration always comes on this earth.  I know that God will restore my friend Ron to a much better place than he could have ever imagined.  It may not be in this life on earth, but it will happen.

Thank you Ron for showing us what real faith can be.  God Bless you…



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