It’s all about the bride

If you’ve ever been to a wedding, you know that despite the fact this is a union between to man and woman, the wedding day is really all about the bride.  Of course, once the wedding is done, and this couple is now bound in holy matrimony, it’s now about them together as a couple, both giving their all, both serving each other.  But until that moment, the entire ceremony is all about the bride.

This fact really stood out to me when I was thinking about how often Jesus referred to us as “the bride”.  We’re never referred to as the fiancee or wife, only the bride.  I mean I’ve always figured that it’s supposed to be all about Jesus, yet He himself is calling us the bride.  Then it hit me, the wedding is the event when the bride comes to the groom to be joined.  Jesus said that every time a soul is saved, there’s a party, or should I say a wedding ceremony.

You see, every time someone accepts Christ into their heart, Jesus says the angels celebrate.  They are the attendees to a wedding between Jesus and another member of His church.  And if that new believer is the ‘bride’, then this ceremony joining the new believer with the Son of God, is all about the new believer.  That is how important this new union is, God wants to recognize this new believer and make everything about them.

Just like the shepherd finding his lost sheep or the woman finding her lost coin, or the prodigal son returning… in every case, when the lost one was found, there was a celebration that focused all attention on the found one.

Jesus’ analogies of groom and bride were not just about the roles and relationships of a husband and a wife, they were more than that.  Jesus was letting us now how important we are to him, the groom.  That everyone around was there, not to see Jesus, but to see the new believer, now part of the family.

If every new believer is this important to Jesus, how much emphasis should we put into reaching new believers.

Here comes the bride.


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