A moment changes everything

I’m sure if you think back, you can find more than once instance in your life where a single moment in your life, changes the path you’re on forever.

I met a man who was walking into his building, late for a meeting and had just got into the elevator to go up to his floor when he got a call from co-workers asking him to grab some coffee.  He pushed another button to get out early and headed back down and across the street to the coffee shop.  That September morning in 2001 changed his life.  Had he not reversed course to get the coffee, he would have joined most of his co-workers in Heaven that day when the plane plowed right through the floors beneath them.

I have a friend that was enjoying his Hawaii trip with his family and two other families when an ill timed wave pile-drove him down into the sandy ocean floor and paralyzed him from the neck down.  He still lays immobile in a Hospital bed almost  a month later but thank God he’s beginning to get some feeling again.  We’re praying for a full recovery there.

There are also much less obvious moments like when I was heading out of town and decided to stop by work to drop some things off.  That couple minute stop caused me to bump into the girl that would eventually become my wife.

It’s true that a single moment in time can have such a significant impact on your future that your entire path has been changed by that moment.

For me, the most significant moment (the day I bumped into Katie was second to this) was the moment I realized that I knew about Christ but didn’t know Him personally, and decided to change that.  I asked Him into my heart and told Him I would make Him my Lord and Savior.  That moment in July 1994 would forever alter my future, not just on this earth like meeting Katie, but my future of eternity.

What’s amazing about a moment like that is that while it changed my path forever, that doesn’t mean the change was instant.  Many people expect that accepting Christ will change them instantly, and in some ways, it does.  However, the change towards becoming a better person, treating others better, loving more…. these things take time.  We end up spending the rest of our times on Earth working towards being more like Christ.  These changed don’t happen in a moment, they take a lifetime.

Peter tells all believers this in 2 Peter 1:5-7, “For this very reason, make every effort to supplement your faith with virtue, and virtue with knowledge,  and knowledge with self-control, and self-control with steadfastness, and steadfastness with godliness, and godliness with brotherly affection, and brotherly affection with love.”  Notice he is telling people to “supplement” their faith with these things.  Faith does come in a moment, even if you were building up to that moment for a while, there is a moment where you step over the line and faithfully accept Christ.  Although as a result of this, we are then spiritually baptized with the Holy Spirit and receive the ‘fruit of the spirit’, these things don’t manifest themselves perfectly in that moment. 

Instead, we spend the rest of time on Earth, supplementing our faith with these things.  So while it’s true that a single moment in time can change everything, it doesn’t mean that everything changes in a moment.  True, quality change takes time.  Allow the Spirit to work in you.  Allow the fruit of the spirit to become a stronger and stronger part of who you are.  Be willing to spend the rest of your life allowing that one moment in time to have the most significant impact on you and others around you.

God Bless


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