Knowing the end

I have heard people use lines like “I’ve read Revelation, I know who wins”. This concept of knowing the end got me thinking about how that relates to our everyday life here. Since Football season has started, I figured I’d think about it from that perspective.

If you are a player, heading into the season, how would knowing the outcome affect your game play? I think that would have a lot to do with the amount of detail provided. For example, if you already knew how many yards you would run or how many touch downs you would make or interceptions you would catch. What ever your position was, what if you knew ever stat before the start of the year. It was a given, known fact. How hard would you play? I’m guessing it would take some of the fun out of the game. I’m guessing you would try any harder because the results were already known.

However, what if you only knew general facts, not specifics. Perhaps you are Richard Sherman and you knew for a fact that there were going to be X# of interceptions this season (but no idea by whom). Or you are Russel Wilson and you know that Quarterbacks in the league will run for X# of touchdowns. In other words, you know a large picture overall result, but don’t have the facts and details of how much (or little) you contribute to that number. Now you’re playing your heart out to try to have your share of the success you know is coming.

So thinking about these two differences, knowing the end can have two different impacts on people. The Old Testament had plenty of prophecies and predictions that were a little cryptic but still easy to interpret. However when you read Revelation, it’s very cryptic. Yes, we know who wins, but we don’t know how much or little part we play. We don’t know when it will be.

I believe God did this for a reason. He wants us to be like the second group of people, knowing who wins and working hard to be a part of it. We need to be out there reaching others for Christ. We don’t know if He’s coming back tomorrow or in a thousand years. Treat each day as a gift, as a chance to reach another soul.

Yes we know the end to some degree. But we don’t know the individual plays between now and then. That is where the excitement comes. Get in the game. Play your heart out in anticipation for the greatest victory parade the world will ever know.


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