As I continue to focus time in my seminary study, several of the lectures have been about balance.  Balance now while going through school.  Balance later while serving in ministry.  One of the lectures was specifically about not neglecting time in the Word while focusing timing in books about the Word.  The professor pointed out that many seminary students feed their brain with knowledge.  They also feed their ‘hands’ with learning new skills to live out ministry.  But there’s a danger in neglecting to feed the heart, just spending time with God.  So I have recommitted to get back to my daily journals here to stay accountable to time morning devotional time.  I have to remember to keep things in perspective.

Today’s reading was Matthew 8.  Six different stories tied into that chapter, over an unknown period of time.  But a common theme ran through in all six stories.  We have to maintain the right perspective.

  • Jesus heals a man with leprosy – The world at the time considered this disease of the flesh to be one of the most brutal.  Beyond the physical illness was the social outcast.  Jesus solves with a touch.
  • Deep faith of a centurion – Not even a Jew, this man had such faith that he was confident that Jesus had to simply “say it” and his servant would be healed.  Jesus affirms his faith.
  • Heals many – Jesus heals so many people with so many different diseases and he used different methods – Jesus bore our diseases
  • Cost to follow – As Jesus called disciples to follow him, many were distracted by ‘earthly priorities’.  Jesus says, follow anyway.
  • Calms the storm – fearing the storm and pending death, the disciples expected the end (and were shocked that Jesus simply slept).  Jesus rebukes them for little faith and rebukes the winds and they calm.
  • Casts out demons – The demons knew Jesus right away and feared His power.  They even reference the “appointed time” knowing that there would be a time in the future where Jesus took full command.  Jesus cast out the demons.

Despite all these signs and wonders, by the end of the chapter, the townspeople want him ‘gone from their region’.  So what if you did all the miracles, you just killed our pigs so we want you gone.  Although these were all designed to teach the people about what really mattered and what would simply pass away… how to keep things in the right perspective… they still missed it and wanted Him gone.

Do all that you can to keep the right perspective.  Show His love to others.  Don’t be distracted by the things that will perish.



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