Death in the details

I remember as a kid, we would make up games.  This could be card games, war games, dice games… it didn’t matter.  Some games worked out and we played them over and over, but others just seem to die right there, as they were created.  I’m not sure I caught the pattern back then but looking back, it’s very clear.  Some games were relatively simple.  Simple rules, simple scoring, etc.  Those worked well.

However, there were times we would create a games and then begin to question every possible outcome (and attempt to create a rule for every possibility).  These games became so convoluted that we eventually just walked away from them.  These extra rules usually game from seeking clarification of every possible interpretation of the rules we had already created.  With too much interpretation, the game eventually would die.

When God placed Adam and Eve in the garden, he had a very simple set of rules.  Take care of the place, tend the garden, eat anything except the fruit of ONE tree.  These were very simple rules to live by and they did so for some time (the amount of time is unknown).

Satan knew he could not compete with these rules so he had to do something that would try to interpret these rules.  By casting question in Eve’s mind (and Adam’s since he “was with her” Gen 3:6).  By causing them to question the details of the law, they lost the point of the law.  The point or intent was simple obedience.  Would the follow the instructions even if they didn’t know the purpose.

God did tell them WHY they should not eat of that fruit, “you shall surely die” (Gen 2:17).  However, at this point in life, nothing in the garden died so there was no reference to what this really meant.  They had no way to interpret the meaning of a spiritual death or separation from God.

Sometimes, keeping it simple, stupid (KISS) is the right principle.  Love God, Love Others.  That’s how Jesus told us to fulfill the law.  Yet people read the Bible, study Jesus and Paul and the other disciples… They spend so much time pouring through every word and detail, seeking clarification in the Word, that they miss it.  It’s very simple.  God made everything, including us.  God loves us.  God set us apart to have dominion over the earth.  God made us like him.  We are to love him with everything we have and love others as we love ourselves.  And since we have and will continue to make mistakes, Christ’s death paid for those mistakes once and for all… forever.  Accept that, accept him and you will be reunited with your Father in Heaven.

It really doesn’t get any more simple.  But as Satan succeeds in getting people to question the details, he succeeds in distracting people away from these simple truths.  It’s great to study, it’s great to ask the questions.  But in the end, God created it.  Our minds CANNOT fathom the answers to ever question.  So getting bent out of shape if you don’t have the answers is exactly what the enemy wants.

Go ahead and question things.  But in the end, accept that there will be some answers that are simply beyond the human mind to grasp.  Accept it.  Deal with it.  Love him anyway.  Love others anyway.

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