This is the season where we focus more on the birth of Jesus Christ.  We hear the story told not only of His birth, but of His conception 9 months prior (perhaps for the first time).

The short version is that an Angel of the Lord appears to Mary and tells her that she will conceive a son (with help from an Angel, not Joseph) and He will be called Emanuel, meaning God with us.

God was with us before the fall, in the garden.  Even though He then cast Adam and Eve out of the garden for their betrayal, He still clothed and protected them.  God was still ‘with us’ but at a distant level all throughout history.  But it wasn’t until this story told at Christmas that God was actually with us here on Earth in the form of a man.

While that would have been an incredible experience for those men (and women) to be physically with Him and walk with Him around 2000 years ago… it’s what happened AFTER His crucifixion that truly means God is ‘with us’ even today.

After the disciples witnessed the crucifixion and burial of their Lord, they were in shock and confused.  They thought He would be with them in bodily form forever, ushering in a new era her on Earth.  But what they didn’t understand is that it was the resurrection (conquering death) that truly ushered in the new era.  By appearing in person to them after His burial, He was able to show them that God is truly with us, even after His death.

You see, this Christmas story is a wonderful celebration, the human birth of our Lord and Savior.  But it’s only a great story because of the story that followed 33 years later.  Christ was an amazing teacher and miracle worker while physically here on Earth.  But that never compared to the power and wonder of His dying for our sins but defeating death three days later.

While Jesus the physical man was only “with us” for those people in that time… Jesus Christ the Messiah is now “with us” for anyone who accepts Him.  Thomas couldn’t believe Jesus had defeated death until he saw Jesus with His own eyes.  But “Jesus said to him, ‘Have you believed because you have seen me? Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.'” (John 20:29)

If you don’t yet know Christ, if Jesus is not “with you”, I pray that you openly and honestly investigate.  In a free country like ours, there’s absolutely no risk in investigating who Jesus is.  There is no risk in trying to learn more about Him and seeking to know Him.  But there is ALL the risk in the world in denying Him.

Take the time between now and Easter to truthfully and honestly investigate.  Ask a Christian how to pray to Him (it’s not complicated, simply talk to Him).  Make an effort to know Him.  You have nothing to loose in at least trying.  But you have everything to loose if He is real and you deny Him.


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