It’s great to watch a champion succeed, but we can learn the most by watching how they deal with setbacks.  When you face a setback, you really only have three options on how to respond.

Option 1 – The Ostrich
Act like the setback never happened.  Just keep charging along like you were before and hope for better results in the future.  Of course this is the definition of insanity.

Option 2 – The Bully
Start the blame game.  Begin to beat up people you blame for the setback.  This includes yourself.  This accomplishes nothing, but is a frequent option chosen.  If you blame others, you beat them up and make things worse.  If you blame yourself, you beat yourself up and make things worse.  There’s never a good outcome from this option.  It usually ends up in a spiral downward.

Option 3 – The Champion
The champion looks at a setback as a learning opportunity.  The quicker he recognizes the problems and seeks solutions, the quicker the rebound.  Russell Wilson lived this option in yesterdays NFC Championship game.

He had faced setbacks.  He had thrown 4 interceptions.  He could have been the bully and either beat up Kearse or himself for those, but he didn’t.  He could have just kept going as if nothing happened and had no turnaround, but he didn’t.  Here he was with 5 minutes left in the game and down by 12 points.

People will look at the game as a whole and say the Seahawks should not have won.  And based on how they played the first 3 quarters, they’d be right.  But Russell Wilson is a champion.  He wasn’t done.  He lead his team to an amazing comeback, the best comeback in playoff history.

He may not have the highest “passer rating” in the league.  But he’s a champion.  He won more games in his first three years than any other QB in history.  His record against other QBs with SuperBowl experience is now 11-0.  That’s a real champion.


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