For anyone who did not see the original Left Behind movie, let me clue you in.  Nicholae Carpathia was the “Antichrist” character who seemingly united the world through peace but had very dark, anterior motives.

The best scene to explain this is towards the end, after Buck Williams has dropped to his knees and accepted Christ.  Now armed with the Holy Spirit, he walks into a meeting where Carpathia shoots a man in cold blood, but then spins a story that the man jumped a guard, took his gun and shot himself.  Everyone in the room witnessed the actual story, but everyone except Buck completely believed the lie.  This was to demonstrate the power of persuasion that this Antichrist character has on those who do not have the Holy Spirit in them.

Lately, I have come to realize that Carpathia is alive and well today, only not as a person, but as militant liberalism.

Let me first state that not every person who has liberal feelings falls into this category.  I have met plenty of liberal people who see these issues, but just believe in a stronger government social net.  I’m not referring to those people, but I am referring to everyone else who falls for this stuff.  As I list these examples, those of you NOT blinded by militant liberalism will clearly see my point.

You all see the facebook posts, some of you share them, others you click like and still others you simply scroll on.  But the hypocrisy all around us.  Below is a list of situations and the lie spun by Carpathia (again, not a person but an ideal).  In case you are still blinded… the lie is the one in bold.

  • A military officer shoots multiple military personnel on a base and cries out “Allah Akbar”
    This is not terrorism, but just ‘work place violence’
  • An American citizen obtains a legal permit and hires guides to hunt a lion in Africa with a bow (no mention of how crazy that sounds).  Happens to kill a known lion who had wandered off the protected land.
    This violent man should be shot with his own bow
  • Undercover video reveals that Planned Parenthood is breaking multiple laws by selling human body parts obtained through abortion.  (PS. 1.4 million babies are killed through abortion every year in the US, twice the number of our supposed number 1 killer, heart disease)
    Shoot the messenger, these videos are evil
  • Organized, heavily armed men, attack and overthrow the US embassy in Libya, killing 4 US citizens
    This was a random act of violence as a response to an anti-Islam video
  • Gay couple targets a bakery they know is owned by Christians, to then sue them for discrimination for not making a wedding cake.
    Gay people just want the right to marry.  They don’t want to infringe on the rights of others to practice their faith

This list obviously goes on much longer, but I try to keep my blogs to about 500 words or so, but you get the idea.  If you’ve seen the scene in the movie, you can remember how Nicholae spun the lie and everyone believed it completely.

I am convinced this is the only explanation for level of ridiculousness we’re witnessing.  Not a day goes by without another story like this.  Every single day in the news, you can see a story that gets so spun, the lie is more crazy than any script for a bad movie.

I just pray that more people find themselves in the place that Buck Williams found himself just before the meeting, on his knees, asking Jesus to forgive him and accepting the Holy Spirit in his heart.  This is the ONLY thing that will remove the blinders so they can see the truth.


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