I am so tired of people listing all of the supposed “good” things that Planned Parenthood does as the turn a blind eye to the pure evil.  The videos have been verified as ‘undoctored’ by two different forensic groups.  There is absolutely no arguing the fact that this organization performs horrible acts, beyond just abortion alone.

They are responsible for ending the lives of between 1/4 to 1/2 million human beings every year.  In addition to that, they are also illegally selling parts of these aborted fetuses.  They talk more women INTO an abortion than out of one.  All the other women’s health facilities that attempt to drive a woman to all other options other than abortion are forbidden to take federal tax dollars because they will not endorse abortion.  Only the organizations that prefer abortion over other options can receive these funds.

And the argument we keep hearing is all about the supposed GOOD things they also do.  Who cares.  Hitler also did wonderful things for Germany.  He dramatically improved the economy of a nation in serious trouble.  He promoted music programs in school.  He fought against tobacco long before any other nation did.  He created the first highway system.  He lowered the inner city crime rate dramatically.  He did a lot of good for Germany.  However, nobody cares about any of that because when you subsequently murder millions of people because you don’t like their belief system or you believe their genetics to be inferior… you are a mad man.  The fact is that not an ounce of the good that Hitler did is ever weighed against all his evil.

The same can be said of Planned Parenthood.  Many people have been completely lied to about their policies and procedures.  Many people are falling for the argument about all the wonderful things they do and how horrible it would be for women if they didn’t exist.  The fact is that every single woman’s health service they provide, is provided by others.  Almost every single service is now even available for free to the poor through the Affordable Care Act.  So to argue that we have to keep them going because of women’s health is an absolute lie.

If you watch the testimony Cecile Richards before congress, now under oath, you can see the sheer stress in trying to stay to the story while under oath.  The constant lies from this organization is sick and repulsive and nothing short of pure evil.

I feel like our country is in Germany in the late 30s and we celebrating all the wonderful things that this organization is doing while they are flat out lying to us.  Wake up American.  They are lying.  They are killing babies and selling their parts.

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