No, not Dr. Evil who can actually have some funny lines.

I’m talking real evil.  While I hate the obvious evil that anyone can hate, there is a much more subtle evil that we are called to abhor… the deception of the enemy.

Paul said in Romans “Let love be genuine. Abhor what is evil; hold fast to what is good.” (Rom 12:9)

My genuine love for human life has no basis in color, gender or background.  Every life matters.  The taking of any innocent life is pure evil.  No matter if that is through domestic violence, a terrorist attack, a crazy school shooting or a women’s health facility.  The method, timing, location or purpose that the life was taken is secondary to the fact that an innocent life was just ended.  All of these methods are evil and I abhor each and ever one.

But these are all easy evil to abhor.  The real trick is being aware of the lies that Satan tells.  Do you abhor the evil that Satan spreads when he says any of these lies about the above situations.

  • A restraining order will be fine.  If he breaks that law, then we can do something.
  • They’re just refugees.  They’re not all terrorists.  It’s a religion of peace after all.
  • See, it’s the guns.  If we just got rid of the guns, everyone would be safe.
  • It’s her right to choose.  Her body, her rights.

These lies that Satan has succeeded in spreading actually lead to MORE deaths not less.

  • Most domestic violence deaths occur in a situation where the police have already been involved at least once but our system won’t let the cops truly protect the woman.
  • The 19 murderers that killed thousands of people in 2001 were all originally here on student visas.  Their religion says that anyone who does not support that the god of Muhammad is the one true god, should be treated as a second class citizen or killed.  They have no rights.  Women have no rights.  Minorities have no rights.  Doesn’t sound like a religion of peace to me.
  • The presence of guns is not the problem, the presence of “gun free zones” is.  Every time we hear about these mass shootings, they are always in a gun free zone.  Why didn’t that little sign protect them.  Oh, because it can’t.  How about a sign that says “We participate in the School Marshal program: we have highly training and undercover personnel on campus who are armed and skilled to protect the people on this campus”.  Try instituting that plan and hanging that sign up and see what happens.
  • One third to one half of a MILLION souls are terminated every year in this country.  Yes a small percentage of them are in life threatening cases for the mother, but that’s an extremely small case.  The largest majority are called “at will abortions” meaning the woman simply chose to end that life.  Many of them then go on grieving later and even seeking counseling for the uninformed decision they made in their youth.  They even have a 6 times higher rate of suicide later in life.  So another innocent life is take again.

What I abhor is this kind of evil.  These kinds of Satanic lies that do nothing to help protect more lives, they simply aid the eventually ending of more lives.  Wake up America!


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