Have you ever had that internal Tug of War going on in your head?  You know, where you are trying to determine how to respond to something.  The compassionate Christian in you says one thing, but there are other voices in your head as well.  I’m not talking creepy demonic voices in your head… I mean the voice of discernment, reason, fear, flesh, humanity, etc.  It can sometimes be hard to tell which one of those voices could be the Holy Spirit trying to prompt you to or away from something.

The Bible says to Fear Not.  In fact, it says that a lot.  There is no question that we not to be driven to decisions by fear.  It also says to show love.  Perhaps one of the best parables of this love in the face of fear is the story of the Good Samaritan.  While traveling through a dangerous area, a man is robbed, stripped and left for dead.  Many ‘religious’ people passed by and did not respond (most likely by fear).  But a Samaritan stopped, despite danger to himself, and helped.

However, while we are not to fear… it’s also true we should not put the Lord to the test.  When Paul was warning the crew to not sail, it was not out of fear.  He knew it was not safe and not the right thing to do.

So all of that brings me to the current events issue of dealing with Syrian Refugees.  The compassionate side of me says we should accept them.  After all, many are Christians fleeing for their lives from a region that kills Christians.  The evangelist in me also says accept them and seek ways to evangelize to them.  A good friend even pointed out that many his most rewarding experience came when he was willing to face significant risk.

But me making the choice to face a risky situation and go to a hot region to evangelize is one thing.  That would be placing myself (or my team if we travel as a group) at risk.  However this refugee problem is a different issue all together.

For years, ISIS has stated their goal to infiltrate western countries as refugees… allowing them to act from within these borders.  Our own State Department has stated that it could take up to two years to properly vet these refugees.  Seems to be a significant risk to invite thousands of refugees in when ISIS has already bragged that this is their plan.

I would absolute encourage and support missionaries who feel led to do so, to face that risk and serve those regions.  However I believe it is a serious error in judgement to import potentially hundreds of terrorists into this nation and risk the lives of thousands of our citizens.


One thought on “Internal Tug of War

  1. Yeah, it’s a tough decision.

    As an evangelist myself, I envisioned this morning going over there with God’s power and being able to ward off bullets and any other ammunition.

    Wow, to see God’s word come to pass in any of us would be quite a miracle.

    After all, He made us dominion over all things.

    Yes. I was awake. And, yes I’ve witnessed His power by casting out a demon from the waters of Kobe, Japan in the spiritual realm.

    Blessings, Emma

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