If you have kids who can speak and have ever been on a road trip of any length… you’ve heard this question… over and over again.  It doesn’t matter the kid or the trip or your answer to the first time the question is asked.  It will undoubtedly be asked again, and again.

Believe it or not, there is a reason behind this phenomenon.  It’s a mathematical formula actually.  It’s the same formula that cause us to have a different perspective of time the older we get.  You see, the longer we live, the more hours of experience and memories we have in our minds.

So at a month old, an hour is .14% of a lifetime.  That’s not much but compare that to older kids and adults.  A 5 year old sees an hour as .002% of a lifetime.  To a 15 year old, it’s .00076% and to a 40 year old parent, it’s .00028%.  As time goes on, our view of how long an hour is, continues to reduce.  To put in into perspective another way, a 5 year old views a single hour like a 40 year old views an eight hour day.

This may not seem like much and may also not be a real revelation.  But follow me with this.  The formula I used was comparing a child to its parent.  The math formula works because there are numbers to support it.  But compare us to our Heavenly father (who is ageless) and the number is simply incalculable.

But we can attribute a large number to God’s age for the purpose of comparison… to make the formula work.  If God were ONLY 1 million years old, then 1 hour to him would seem like 2.85 years to a 40 year old adult.  If He were only 1 billion years old, an hour to Him would be like 22,831 years to us.  Yet He is way more than 1 billion years old… He is ageless… no beginning and no end.

This is why our timing is so different than His timing.  Just like our kids cannot grasp time the way we do, we cannot grasp time the way He does.  After all, an hour to him is longer than the entire existence of the human race.

This is why His story that unfolds over thousands of years in the Bible is but a blink of an eye to God.  When He tells Moses in Exodus 6 that He remembered His covenant to Abraham (generations ago) it was like a second ago to Him.  And when He makes a promise like this, “I will bring you into the land that I swore to give to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob. I will give it to you for a possession. I am the Lord.” (Exodus 6:8), He will fulfill it in His time and not our own.

There’s not a person reading this blog that can grasp time the way God does and this is why we always get frustrated about events in this world.  Bad things happen, evil occurs, people die… and people begin to wonder just how long God can allow evil to exist on this world before He returns.  How can generations go by from the early church and still no return of our savior?

Because unlike us, God is patient.  He is waiting for us.  That’s right, He is giving us more time to follow His commandment to make disciples of all nations.  But His timing is not ours and His ways are not ours.  We don’t know when that time will come.  Even Jesus did not know.

“But concerning that day or that hour, no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.  Be on guard, keep awake. For you do not know when the time will come.”  (Mark 13:32-33)

Stay focused, don’t give up and don’t waste time.  Spread His gospel and make disciples.


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