I almost never post political things on my blob.  But with such a debate this year about what to do in the elections, I wanted to present my perspective.

Every year in the presidential election, our two party system gives us three choices in the polls.  We can vote for the republican candidate, the democrat candidate or neither one.  Many people will claim that a vote for neither one is a vote for the “other party” and there is only some truth to this statement.

You see, we do not elect our president with a popular vote (as our 2000 election reminded everyone).  We vote with an electoral college where each state has a representation in the vote.  That electoral college is based on the combined number of senators and congressmen in that state.  Since every state has 2 senators, that portion of the electoral college gives every state equal representation.  But since the representatives are based on population, larger states have more say.  The benefit to this system is that if it were only a popular vote, the larger states would have even more pull than they already do.

So what does that mean to you when you vote?  It means different things in different states.  If you look at the map above, it is color coded by the strength of each party in each state.  In a state like California, the democratic candidate is so safe that a republican voter choosing not to vote for Trump would not have an impact in that state’s vote.  Likewise, a state like Texas is just as safe for the republican candidate.

Living in a solid blue or a solid red state means that if you would normally vote republican but cannot bring yourself to vote for Trump, you are more safe to do so.  A non-vote in one of those states is not likely to make a large impact… Unless too many people do that of course.

This means in states like Colorado, Florida, Virginia and a few others, a non-vote could literally mean a vote for the other candidate.  To my conservative friends in those close call swing states, I URGE you to think about something.

What is at stake in this election?

Despite what either party or candidate has on their agenda, there is something larger at stake… The Supreme Court.

We currently have one position that is open and will likely remain open until the election.  Then we have at least two more justices that will likely retire in the next 4-8 years meaning that our next president has a very high likelihood of nominating 3 justices to the bench.  Since these appointments are for a lifetime, this could have a lasting impact on so many other legal battles facing our nation over the next decade or longer.

This country can afford just about anyone as it’s president.  We’ve had good ones and bad ones from both parties.  But a significant swing in the bench that goes away from conservative values could have a significantly devastating impact on our nation for a generation.

I fully understand those of you who struggle to vote for Trump.  I’m in that same camp too.  But I urge you to pay close attention to the polls in your state as the general election draws near.  If the popular vote is not close in your state, please take this year as an opportunity to write in a candidate and vote your conscience.


If your state polls show a tight race this fall, I urge you to consider the Supreme Court in your voting this year.  It will have a bigger impact than the presidency ever could.


2 thoughts on “What to do in 2016?

  1. Good advice, since Supreme Court picks are not the issue most voters decide by. I’m in a solid blue state, so that’s how it will probably vote in the Electoral College, no matter what I do. If it did look close here (unlikely), I would vote Clinton (who I deeply dislike) strategically, to block Trump (who I view as dangerously unstable).

    1. I don’t disagree with your view of the two candidates. Beyond the Supreme Court thing, my thinking is this. There is a zero percent chance I will like or approve of just about anything Clinton tries to push through Congress. But there is at least a chance I will like or approve some of the things on Trumps agenda. And in the immortal words of Lloyd Christmas… “So you’re saying there’s a chance!”

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