This weekend we celebrate Memorial Day (technically Monday). As many will camp out and BBQ, the real meaning of Monday is for us to remember those who paid the ultimate price for our freedom. This picture is of the grave marker of my Grandfather, Sherman Angus McLean who died in the Philippines during the Bataan Death March of WWII.
As you spend family time this week-end on your typical holiday activities, make sure you pause to remember those who shed blood and paid the ultimate price for you.  If you have those in your family (like I do), then obviously remember them… but don’t stop there.  Hundreds of thousands of men and women have died in an effort to protect freedom both here and abroad.  Remember their service, remember their sacrifice.
But don’t stop there.  Their’s is not the only blood that was spilled on your behalf.  While these soldiers died to protect us from the political bondage of communism, fascism or other isms… Christ died to protect us from the spiritual bondage of Satan.  He is just as real as those enemies of the state and much more dangerous.  Just as our military actions protected us from the enemy’s advances but did not eliminate the enemy… so it is with Christ’s sacrifice.  His death and resurrection did not eliminate the enemy from this world but it did break his bondage on us… if we only confess and believe.
But there will be a day, when the enemy is conquered once and for all.  Then we will be in the presence of our creator for the rest of eternity.  But until then, be sure to remember Jesus as you remember all the other’s who shed their blood for you.

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