We are fallen creatures.  We are not perfect.  And since we are in relationships with other non-perfect people, those relationships have issues.  That relationship can be a friendship, a marriage, co-workers, friends at church, a community, a nation.  So in every single one of those cases… how we balance our view of the good vs. the bad will determine our perspective on that relationship.

In every single relationship we have from a single friend to our nation as a whole… where we place the most emphasis (the good or the bad) will determine our happiness in that relationship.  Placing emphasis on the good does not mean we ignore the bad or pretend it’s not there… it simply means we score the good with a higher value than the bad.

Now I believe marriage (unlike all the other relationships mentioned) is for life… so this part of the argument is not intended to apply to marriage.  But for all the others… if you have made every effort to emphasis the good over the bad and the bad still weighs more… then perhaps you should end that relationship.  For example… if you only see the bad things in your job… and the bad is always outweighing the good… then find another job.  If despite all your efforts to focus on the good at your church… the bad still continues to weigh more… find another church.  And if you look around this nation (that is filled with amazing good and amazing bad) and the bad is always outweighing the good… find another nation.

Every four years we find ourselves in a very bizarre battle.  The political battle gets heightened and people bash each other and the nation where they believe they can make political points.  At the same time, in the heat of that political battle, we find ourselves in the Olympic season as well.  A time when we should be focused on our national pride, regardless of the politics of the athlete.  We win a gold, the anthem plays, and we are proud of our nation.

So when I see an Olympic athlete, competing for the USA, turn around and bash the USA… I’m saddened.  The points that Ibtihaj Muhammad makes against this country are perhaps accurate.  There is bigotry in this country.  There is inequality.  There are many hurtful things that occur in the US.  I’m not about to argue that there is no bad in this country… there’s plenty to go around.

My point is that there is way more good.  We have amazing freedoms here.  While these freedoms are unmatched in the world, some people take advantage of these freedoms for their own evil desires.  Our nation has contributed more aid around the world than any other nation.  We have provided more technological advances in science, medicine, etc.  We have shed more blood in the name of protecting freedom than any other nation.  We should be proud.

I’m not saying we should turn a blind eye to the bad that goes on.  I’m not saying we should not strive to fix some of the bad things that occur.  But I am saying two things about our approach to the bad things…

  1. We should never see the bad in a vacuum.
  2. We should not allow our proposed solutions for the bad, to bring more harm to the good.

I love this country.  I know bad occurs.  But I know we have WAY more good to go around.  Take pride that you live in the “greatest country on God’s green earth”.


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