Typically the first time you experience something holds a special level of amazement.  I remember the first time I drove a car, the first time a flew a plane, the first time I went down a slope on skiis, etc.  Often that first time holds amazing power and passion in our memory.  Even though we get better and add more memories.. there’s something about that first time.  It’s almost magical.

Today I was reading about the first time Samuel heard from the Lord.  He was confused, even thinking it was an audible voice from Eli instead.  What is amazing is this one verse right in the middle of the story.  “Now Samuel did not yet know the Lord, and the word of the Lord had not yet been revealed to him.” (1 Sam 3:7)  Here we are reading about God speaking directly to a person who does not yet know Him.  Samuel’s first time hearing from the Lord.

It quickly brought me back to the first time I heard from the Lord (and the only time it was an audible voice)… and like Samuel… I did not yet know the Lord.  In fact, that was the message itself.  Here I was THINKING I knew about Jesus and Christianity because I had gone to church growing up.  I knew ABOUT Jesus but did not have a relationship with Him yet.  As I watched people respond to an alter call at an out of town revival service, I was enjoying watching people go down and thought in my head… “Look at all these people that know know Jesus” and I suddenly heard in my head “You don’t know me.”

These four words were the first time I had ever heard from the Lord.  My first time, a very memorable time, was kind of scary… but amazing at the same time.  Little me, without a history of faith with Him, without a personal relationship with Him… He cared enough to speak audibly to me.  And as always, He was right.  I did not know Him… I only knew about Him.

Everything changed that day.  I responded to that alter call myself and ask the Holy Spirit into my heart.  Now, with the Spirit as a conduit, I no longer hear an audible voice… He speaks to me through His Spirit.  His voice is just as real, my faith walk with Him is much more advanced… but that first time hearing from Him still holds such a passion for me.

So here’s my question to all of us (myself included).  Why do we allow ourselves to forget that initial passion in so many things.  It seems as we “improve” at something, we get further and further away from that initial passion of the first time.  I’m not so sure that is am improvement.

Each of us believers need to regularly reflect back to that initial passion we felt when we first came to know the Lord.  If we could regularly apply that first time passion with our improved walk… imagine what we could accomplish for Him.  Don’t let the passion die… keep that feeling in your heart… keep going back to those early moments when it all was fresh.  Instead of living every day as it were your last (because we never know His timing)… try living every day as if it was your first day as His adopted child.

I pray that you appreciate my blogs.  They are my way of journaling as I read His word.  If you do like them, please be sure to click the Follow Hisfamily Ministries button left of this post AND to spread the word.  Share these posts with others and perhaps they will be blessed too.


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