Anyone who has ever worked at all with electrical wires knows what the plastic coating is for.  As long as that coating is there, the wire is protected.  Only by stripping away that coating can you gain access to the copper itself and connect it to the power source.  However, if you’re not careful, that exposed wire can now short out and cause problems or injury as well.

This picture is what was used to describe MS to me when I was first diagnosed.  The nerves in my body have that same type of protection that the wires do, it’s called the myelin sheath.  The sclerosis in the body attacks the myelin and exposes the nerves.  The exposure itself is not the problem but depending upon where that exposure is or how much is exposed, can cause significant short circuit in the nervous system.

Whether your speaking of electric wires or nerves, the protective covering is serving a valuable service.  Cutting back that protection and exposing what is underneath can be a delicate thing, but sometimes it is necessary.  When God called Abraham into a covenant of circumcision, this act of cutting away a protective covering and exposing a more sensitive area, was a symbol of what He calls us all to do.

Physical circumcision is a physical act of cutting away part of the foreskin to expose the most sensitive area of a man.  Believe what you will about the necessity for such an action these days, the command that God gave was symbolic of what He was really asking them to do.  The debate on the need to continue this act began as early as the first churches in Acts.  But God pointed out the symbolism of this act long before.

In Moses’ final book, before the Israelites took the promise land, God was speaking to him and providing some final instructions.  In the middle of that, He says, “Circumcise therefore the foreskin of your heart, and be no longer stubborn. For the Lord your God is God of gods and Lord of lords, the great, the mighty, and the awesome God, who is not partial and takes no bribe.” (Deut 10:16-17)

For generations, the Israelites had been performing physical circumcision due to the covenant with Abraham.  Now God is saying He wants them to perform the same procedure on their heart.  Remove that protective barrier and expose your heart to Him, cease to be stubborn.

To this point in time, the Israelites had done what was physically necessary.  But they still believed they could simply “do” and remain in favor with God.  After all, they were His chosen people so of course He would be partial to them.  As long as they did what was expected, He would remain their God.

But God is not partial and takes no bribes.  He is not partial to those who physically perform a circumcision or not.  And doing all the right things can not buy Him off.  Only by exposing our heart to Him fully, can we receive Him who He sent.  By the time He sent Christ, people’s hearts were so protected and shielded, they were too stubborn to receive Him.

Are you still protecting your heart?  Are you still too stubborn to let Him in?  Sure, He’s more powerful than any foreskin you can leave on your heart, but He’s waiting for you to willingly remove that foreskin from your heart and leave it exposed.  Open your heart to Him.  Not just a tiny bit, but fully.  Be vulnerable, allow Him to fully take your heart and lead you.  You won’t be disappointed.

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One thought on “Stripping away the protection

  1. To expose one’s heart is to expose your inner most being and no one wants to be found out as a fraud, liar or self-righteous. Yet when we do ask for Christ to dwell in our heart we allow healing, cleansing and renewal to occur. Man; especially men should use our wisdom to kneel and bow before God to allow our hearts to be circumcised so that we may receive His many promises he has for us. I myself have experienced this in the past and believe accountability/discipleship relationships is where this is found!

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