There are books, songs, movies, shows, etc that focus on the issue of identity.  There is an entire section in every library and bookstore (those old buildings where books are sold that existed before kindle) dedicated to self esteem or self help.  Because we are a culture that is consumed with how others perceive us.  We look in the mirror and we hear the loudest voices forming our identity.  And those voices we here are rarely the right ones.

There’s a song by Casting Crowns called “The Voice of Truth”.  Part of the first verse says,

“But the waves are calling out my name
And they laugh at me
Reminding me of all the times
I’ve tried before and failed

The point of the song is the fact that we spend way too much time listening to the voices of negativity.  When most of us look in the mirror, we don’t see who we truly are, we see what society has been telling us that we are.

When King David was fleeing from his own son who wanted to kill him he began to become consumed with what his new identity was.  No longer was he the King of Israel.  He was now a fugitive, even from his own son.  He was struggling with his identity, with his reflection.

In the midst of this crisis of identity, David cries out to God.

O Lord, how many are my foes!
    Many are rising against me;
many are saying of my soul,
    “There is no salvation for him in God.” Selah

But you, O Lord, are a shield about me,
    my glory, and the lifter of my head.
I cried aloud to the Lord,
    and he answered me from his holy hill. Selah
(Psalm 3:1-4)

David knew that despite what others saw, the only reflection that mattered to him was the reflection of God.  He was truly a man after God’s own heart.

So what do you see?  Everyone of us has faults, shortcomings, issues we can choose to dwell on.  Here are a few examples of a better identity you can choose to see in the mirror.

It’s time you change your mirror. You are an amazing creation by the One who makes no mistakes.  See yourself as God sees you, through the lens of the crucifixion, redeemed by the blood of the Lamb.  He has a perfect plan and purpose for you.  Seek to glorify Him and He will guide your path.

I pray that you appreciate my blogs.  They are my way of journaling as I read His word.  If you do like them, please be sure to click the Follow Hisfamily Ministries button left of this post AND to spread the word.  Share these posts with others and perhaps they will be blessed too.


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