One of the most well known stories in the Old Testament is the story of the flood.  So reading Genesis 7, it can be difficult to find something new to talk about.  Yet today, something stood out to me in the writing of this story, more that the story itself.

Today, every school talks about some sort of Extinction Level Event.  It is agreed that we have bones of large animals around the globe and that something happened suddenly that led to their extinction.  The amazing thing is that through this ELE, we end up with a natural resource (oil) that we need for so much today.  Interesting how God provided for us well before we knew we had the need.

But the real interesting thing is that there is not a full consensus on what the exact ELE was.  Most commonly is the thought of a meteor, but the Bible has it’s own ELE included.  Here’s the thought that occurred to me today.  When Moses wrote the first five books of the Bible, he would have had no clue as to the science of an ELE, he simply knew what God told him.  Between the historical records to that point and the guidance given to him directly by God, he put together the first five book of the Bible, much of it has a historical narrative.  And part of that story includes the only ELE in the history of this planet.

Both scientific history and Biblical history agree on these three facts.  Life was created some how.  There was an extinction level even on the planet.  And life was restarted somehow.  As much disagreement that exists on the details of those three facts, the existence of those three facts is consistent across both world views.

I am constantly amazed at the places where science and biblical history agree or overlap.  Cities exist in the Bible that are still being discovered today.  More documents are found that continue to confirm things mentioned in the Bible.  As time goes on, more and more evidence is discovered to support facts and points in the Bible.  Even if there remain many questions about the accuracy or authenticity of certain sections of the Bible, archaeology and science continue to support a growing amount of evidence for its authenticity.

There are volumes and volumes of books written on the overlapping evidence, but perhaps one of the best one is “Evidence that Demands a Verdict” by Josh McDowell.  If you have any question about some of the amazing stories found in the Bible, read Josh’s book.  He will details the mountains of evidence that support so many things that it truly destroys so many arguments against the Bible.

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