The second genealogy mentioned in the Bible is the descendants from Noah who spread nations across the whole Earth. Anytime there is a genealogy listed, I’m always fascinated with the names that have commentary or footnotes. One such name in Genesis 10 is Peleg.  “To Eber were born two sons: the name of the one was Peleg, for in his days the earth was divided, and his brother’s name was Joktan.” (Gen 10:25)

Why did Moses find it necessary to clarify the meaning of the name of Peleg?  Of all the ancestry line leading to Jesus, why him?  While no further descendants are mentioned in this chapter, Peleg (divided)  was the line that would eventually lead to Abraham.  It’s the meaning of Peleg’s name that is important… ‘divided’.

Divided would signify the nation of Israel after David.  Divided would signify the two lineages that would mean both Joseph and Mary where from David’s line. Divided would signify the Jewish response to their Savior.  Divided would signify the continued response of generations to the name of Jesus.  Divided was the reason Jesus would come to save us, because we were divided from God. And it all starts with Peleg.

Since Peleg (and even before)  we as the image bearers of God have always been divided.  We’ve had momentary glimpses of apparent unification, but never really.  Because since the fall and the introduction of the sin nature, it is impossible to not have division.  Only through Christ can we mend this division.  The division within us, but more importantly, the division between us and God.  There is simply no other solution.

Left to our own thoughts, feelings and judgement… we will always be Peleg (divided). Our only hope in mending these divisions is Christ.

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