After blogging various chapters in the Bible for years, I decided to create a single space to see these blogs organized.  My first project on this is the Gospel of Matthew.  This is a walk through of the 28 chapters of Matthew, seeking application in each chapter.

Chapter 1 – The Universal answer actually IS… 42!
Chapter 2 – Hindsight
Chapter 3 – All flower and no fruit?
Chapter 4 – How does your enemy tempt you?
Chapter 5 – Would God let you in to Heaven?
Chapter 6 – It’s not the sower… it’s the soil
Chapter 7 – Having the right foundation
Chapter 8 – Definition of insanity
Chapter 9 – Faith healing???
Chapter 10 – Heart failure
Chapter 11 – Their only defense, is to be offended
Chapter 12 – From love, not obligation
Chapter 13 – Introductions over teaching
Chapter 14 – Virtue Mine Honour
Chapter 15 – Challenge ‘tradition’
Chapter 16 – Can’t see the forest with all the trees in the way
Chapter 17 – Our faith is less than a mustard seed
Chapter 18 – Forgiveness
Chapter 19 – Back to the basics – Love God, Love Others
Chapter 20 – The heart of a servant
Chapter 21 – Money over the Messiah
Chapter 22 – Religion is complicated, faith is simple
Chapter 23 – Loosing sight of what’s really important
Chapter 24 – Any day now
Chapter 25 – Quite hiding your “talents”
Chapter 26 – Follow your calling
Chapter 27 – His blood is on us
Chapter 28 – Conspiracy


I pray that you appreciate my blogs.  They are my way of journaling as I read His word.  If you do like them, please be sure to click the Follow Hisfamily Ministries button left of this post AND to spread the word.  Share these posts with others and perhaps they will be blessed too.

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