About McLean

McLean Jones is husband to Katie and they have 4 children (2 of which were adopted).

Although I grew up in a Christian home, I did not develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ until I was 24.  Over the next 10 years, I pursued life as normal while pursuing Him.  I learned and grew more, was involved in a new church launch and loved seeing more people come to a saving relationship with Christ.

Then at 34, I began feeling a ‘tug’ at my heart to get more involved in ministry.  I kept saying “as soon as I accomplish _______, I’ll be ready to do that”.  Eventually, after another 10 years of that ________ always changing and the target always moving, I finally realized that I needed to respond to His calling.

I am now a staff member of my church (Snohomish Community Church) and recently completed my Masters in Christian Leadership, from Liberty University.  My goal is to finally follow that calling into a life of Pastoral ministry.

I am blessed that God has provided me a career where I can continue to earn a living for my family, while pursing this calling.  I believe like He gave Paul the opportunity to “make tents” to fund his ministry, God has given me that same ability in my career.


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